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10 habits to improve your Mental Health in 2024

It is crucial to take care of your whole self and continually develop habits that can help you thrive.

1. Being present

Knowing how to live in the present is a skill. A lot of the time we are worried about the past, and future, things we need to do, things to get done/mistakes, anxiety or anything that is not happening. The only moment that matters is right now and you can only impact the present.

The only moment you have power over is right now - The power of now.
10 habits to improve your mental health

2. Listen to your emotions

It is alright to feel your emotions and listen to your body. Cry when you feel like crying, laugh when you want to, and be sad when you are sad. This sounds really simple but constant suppression of feeling very negatively affects your mental health. Any emotions felt should not be judged.

3. Have a way of expressing your emotions and feeling.

There are various ways to get things out of your head and elsewhere. Journaling is a common way of simply putting thoughts to paper. Other simple ways can be talking to someone, exercising, drawing, creating a video and dancing. There are many ways but as long as the emotion is let out.

4. Setting boundaries

Set a line that differentiates between what is tolerable and not tolerable in your life. Learn to say no and be firm with this NO. Avoid people pleasing as this can be very energy-sapping. This is a skill that one can gradually build over time and like any skill, this becomes better over time

5. Have a self-care plan

Make a list of the activities that make you feel better and do these when needed and regularly. Doing these daily/weekly can have a huge impact on both your mental and physical health. Schedule these like you schedule work.

6. Spend quality time with people you love

Connect with the people within your community regularly. This is very good for depression and anxiety. Simply ask yourself, who do I love and how often am I seeing these people? Try and connect with people and physically meet them or send a text. With social media, it's easy to assume we are close to people as we can physically see them but honesty you are not. Spending time with those we love takes effort but can have a massive impact on our health.

7. Self-reflection and check in with yourself

Most people, unfortunately, do not deal with their mental health until it is an issue. This should ideally be done daily and weekly. Unfortunately, we live in a busy world where one can be entertained every second of the day and allowing your mind to attain solitude can seem like a chore, but it is vital. Simply take a few minutes to just ask yourself what you are feeling and why. If it's good make a note of it and do more. if it's a negative note why and think of a solution, what do you need and take action? Note what you are grateful for, track your feelings, and curb anything negative.

8. Being gentle with yourself

Avoid being critical and pushing negative self-talk. Toning the critique voice down and having the gentle voice present and loud. Talk to yourself with kindness and love the same way you speak to others. Ultimately, show yourself you love yourself and congratulate yourself on the steps forward regardless of the outcome.

9. Practicing gratitude

Gratitude is ultimately a perspective. Practising this daily and reminding yourself of what you have and not what you don't have. Ultimately, be intentional about what is positive and what is going well in your life.

10. Follow your joy

Do more of what brings you joy, purpose, fun and fulfilment. Give yourself the air of nourishment towards yourself and express your inner self. Doing the things that give you joy and happiness. Stop following other people's paths for you and their expectations of you. LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU.



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