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1O Psychological Thriller Novels You Must Read Today !!!

At times we get in the zone for something with a little suspense and twists and turns that will completely surprise us. Reading a good psychological thriller can be a fantastic way to never want to put a book down, whilst scratching that itch.

We scoured the net and read some of the best thrillers so you won't have to. The books have the best mystery and never fail to get you thinking whilst making your heart pump.

Author: Ruth Ware

Leonara is a writer who is extremely reclusive and comfortable with her current life. She is surprisingly invited to bachelorette by her ex-best friend, whom she was not even aware was engaged. The Bachelorette takes place in an English Countryside and turns out to be quite exhilarating with many twists and turns between the guests. This book is written in a way that is so gripping putting it down is not even an option.

Author: Alex Michaelides

This novel follows Alicia Berenson, a successful painter married to a photographer, who is a silent patient. After murdering her husband by shooting him 5 times, she suddenly stops speaking. No one understands why, but one psychiatrist is determined to prove that he is the man for the job,

This book ends with the biggest unexpected twist.

Author: Caroline Kepnes

The first and second books in the Netflix-adapted series YOU. When Joe falls in love he will do anything to have that person, including murder. In the first novel, he is in NYC and in the second one he is in LA. It is definitely a must read.

Author: Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

Jessica Farris enters a psychological study to earn a little extra money. This book packs a lot of unexpected twists and turns with the experiment moving beyond Jessica's real life.

Author: Gillian Flynn

If you have only watched the movie please read the book. It will help us to better understand Nick and Amy. This bestseller starts with the disappearance of Amy Dunne which leads to everyone believing that he has committed the murder. All evidence points to him as the murderer. Gone Girl was adapted into the acclaimed 2014 film starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry.

Author: Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

When an ex-wife starts stalking her ex-s current younger fiancé, this thriller soon takes a turn. By the end of the book we will be surprised at who the true villain is and this makes the book really special.

Author: Paula Hawkins

Another movie adaptation starring Emily Blunt. Read the book to understand the characters further and truly understand the main character and her flaws. Racheal Watson a commuter who frequently passes the perfect couple on her way to work whilst on a train becomes a little obsessed. After noticing something shocking she inserts herself into the story, which proves to be more complicated than she realised.

Author: Thomas Harris

The novel follows an FBI agent in training Clarice Starling who is trying to understand a serial killer Buffalo Bill. She interviews another serial killer Dr Hannibal Lecture an impressive and calculated psychologist who also murders and eats his victims. This was adapted into a 1991 film starring Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins. The movie really brings the story to life.

Author: Rachel Caine

After a car accident, a housewife finds out that her husband is a serial killer and her entire life is turned upside down. She goes into hiding and has a new identity.

Author: Liane Moriaty

At a remote wellness centre lure nine guests deeper and deeper into a spa that has a very unusual philosophy. This book was adapted into a series that will be starring Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy. Liane Moriarty is the author of Big Little Lies another novel adapted into a series so we know this will be good.

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