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5 Wonderful Lessons To Help You Move Forward and Heal

Sometimes we get so focused on the small things happening around us, so much so that we may lose perspective on what matters. Below are 5 simple things to remember when you need some healing.

  1. Importance of self-care in healing: Learn to look after yourself first because only then can you present your best self to others. Take care of the fundamentals focusing on not just your mental health but encompassing mind body and soul. You are important and your health is imperative.

2. Only you can forgive yourself: This is a difficult lesson to learn but ultimately we all make mistakes. Practising this regularly and moving on can help you move forward from mistakes you have made. The key is to learn and then move forward. Realise that you are human and as so you are allowed to have imperfections and actually, they can help you grow.

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3. Learn to say No: You DO NOT have to be there for everyone all the time. Being present for others when you are emotionally unavailable can be detrimental to your health.

4. Focus on the present: Stop wishing that you could turn back the hands of time and sort anything amiss in the past. The only moment that you have control over is the current moment. The past is gone and the future isn't here.

5. The pain you are experiencing is only temporary: You will smile again because pain, is temporary and this experience may make you stronger. A few weeks/months or years from now you will be in a completely different place and you will be a different person. This current pain will be a distant memory.

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