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Goals You Should Make in 2024 For Personal Growth - Goal Ideas

It is that time for the whole, "new year new me trend" and most people will be reflecting on 2023 and making new goals for 2024. As a little reminder make the goal but focus on the system that will help you achieve that goal.

Goal setting has been shown to improve motivation, increase performance and better attainment of goals. A little tip is to write these goals down and make a note of this as this has been shown to improve the likelihood of you achieving these goals. Below are some suggested

goals for 2024.


  1. Learn more: It is fundamental for our brain function to continually learn. This allows for wisdom and knowledge to keep moving forward and grow.

  2. Drink enough water: Drinking enough water can help with energy boosts and exercise. Make it a goal to stay hydrated.

  3. Eat best: Try to have a varied diet that is mainly unprocessed food. Junk food and fast foods affect energy, mood and our physical body negatively and it's alright to have this just at an amount that is sustainable for a healthy body long-term.

  4. Sleep better: With Netflix, TikTok, Amazon Prime, Instagram, Youtube and everything available on all the different versions of screens out there this is easier Saif than done. Sleep early and on time with no distractions in the bedroom for a better night's sleep.

  5. Frequent and regular exercise routine: If you want a mood booster and the best antidepressant, exercising can be the easiest thing to help with this. It is recommended that we get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise and 75 minutes of vigorous exercise weekly to keep fit.

  6. Spend time in nature: Spending time outside can help keep things in perspective and allow you to have better regulation of mood. Try to make time for walks and just listen to the birds and the movement of the water.

  7. Speak up more: This makes you more visible at work and home. At work, it makes you a more valuable member. I have noted that when I am quiet and not quite present at work people fail to know me better. When we speak up this can open a lot more doors and opportunities in the future for you.

  8. Wake up as early as you can: Many surveys have shown that the wealthy get up early. This gives you more time for yourself improving mental health and can increase the time available to be more productive.

  9. Travel more: If every insta travel page has not inspired you to get out more, this is your sign. Travelling can give you an appreciation of culture and other people. It is good to do this every few months. It has been shown that more travelling can make you 7% happier.

  10. Put your wellness first: After the pandemic having good mental health can help us enjoy the life we have been given on a day-to-day basis. Simple things, to begin with, include, eating well, exercising regularly, sleeping well and socialising.


  1. Find ways to manage your stress - Find ways to relieve your stress so that you can flourish better. Focus on techniques that are unique for you and those that work.

  2. Raise your standards - Never settle for less than what you deserve. By growing continually you avoid that annoying dulling of the senses.

  3. Love yourself - Nurture yourself to the point that others around you have no choice but to respect you. When you show love and respect for yourself, your confidence is more likely to grow.

  4. Live more in the present and be present - Focus on the now. The past is gone and you have no control over the future.

  5. Accept your flaws - What others see as flaws may be an advantage. Accepting the differences you have with others can give you a better view of the world and yourself.

  6. Do activities that challenge you - it's easy to stay within your comfort zone and forget that the people who succeed tend to be doers of the things others deem as insane. Do the things for need and want and make sure to challenge yourself because the comfort zone is a horrible place to be in.

  7. Move to a new place - If you are not completely satisfied with where you are currently consider relocating. Ask yourself if your current living situation is adding to or taking away from your happiness.

  8. Go back to school - Depending on the country you live in this can be very difficult and easier said than done. If you have the finances and want to go back to school GO BACK. This can help in terms of your career and can be the challenging thing you do for that year.

  9. Get a dream car - This is another goal that can give you a boost of motivation to make more money or finally treat yourself.

  10. Be more adventurous - Go to that restaurant, go on that date, see that movie, call that friend, go to a new city, do whatever is coming to mind that isn't going to cause harm to another person. We tend to want to wait till the time is right or that special occasion. DO IT NOW.

  11. See your favourite musician in concert - Recently I went to an Afrobeats concert and saw my favourite musicians. Burna Boy, Wizkid, Tems etc and I LOVED It. No special occasion, no reason. I simply wanted to.

  12. Start journaling and create a list of what you hope to achieve - journaling is a fantastic way to get emotions and feelings out of your mind and onto paper. Let your brain rest and allow it to create. Pen and paper tend to be a favourite of mine, but video taking, voice notes and even drawing can be a healthy alternative.

  13. Express your feelings better - This will take time. It is not an overnight thing. Become better at expressing your feelings as you can walk out of situations good or bad with no regrets.

  14. Be more aware of your emotions - Become better able to understand why you are feeling the way you feel. Things like journaling and reflection can help with this.

  15. Become a minimalist - We live in a consumer-heavy world and the more we earn the more we buy. Having fewer means taking care of less, less stress and fewer unnecessary things taking over our time. Take the time to declutter and mainly keep the things you need in your house.

  16. Communicate your issues with someone - Find someone you trust to talk to or even go for therapy.

  17. Find solitude


  1. Pay off as much debt as possible: The path to better financial freedom can be tough. But by slowly removing anything such as debt,

  2. Start a business: Start putting together a plan and work slowly through it.

  3. Invest: Leaning about investing and talking to people who are aware of how and when to invest. You can create a life that is full in 2023.

  4. Start that business you have been procrastinating - Write that blog, that website, that weird idea, and laugh at that website.

  5. Build good credit - It takes a Google tap away to find out how to build good credit and it can take only a few months to improve on this. Start chipping away slowly as good credit can open up many beautiful doors.

  6. Create a budget so you have a better idea of your spending habits - Not having a budget on a daily, weekly and monthly basis has the potential to set you back massively on some simple goals. Start with a monthly breakdown, then weekly and followed by daily. Make it simple and achievable.

  7. Create an emergency fund - The main reason a lot of us fail to save is that we do not take into account the unexpected. Whilst you are saving towards that house, you lose your job and then you have to go into your savings. Having an emergency fund is a smart way of making sure, you are covered and focused on the wildly important.

  8. Buy a home - Buying a house is not the easiest, especially in this climate. However, owning a house is a great investment.

  9. Start saving for retirement - Start young. People tend to wait until they are older to think about their retirement. Be different. Start now and slowly.


  1. Become proactive at work - The ones at work who take initiative and essentially speak up and engage tend to get more recognition.

  2. Share knowledge - Little things that may seem silly to you may be very essential for the growth of your company. Engage with more people and share the little knowledge you think you have that is very powerful.

  3. Teach and share knowledge - An easier way to learn and also help others.

  4. Improve your skills and be better at communicating with people - Go to a communications class or read an audible on effective communications.

  5. Practice time management - Set times to do things and stick to those.

  6. Build your work experience - Work on skills that will have the highest optimal return.

  7. Gain new skills - Use this year to learn a skill that can help propel you in the year moving forward.

  8. Focus on your work and appreciation - Focus on working on your work and not what others are doing. This can help to make your work much more enjoyable as there would be a lot more focus.

  9. Have a good work-life balance - Most people get stressed out because of work and the careers they have chosen. Make your job and curate it in the way that YOU want.

  10. Start getting to work earlier - Give your body the chance to have less stress and get more work done.

  11. Speak up at meetings or whenever the opportunity arises - When your actions align with confidence you are more likely to feel confident.

  12. Volunteer for leadership roles - Another great way to buff up your portfolio and improve your skills.

  13. Start putting in extra effort at work - Forget quiet quitting. Actually do your job well.

  14. Start showing gratitude for your job - Mindfully plan time to show gratitude at work. For example, saying things like this job allows me to meet new people, work on my communications skills, make money, surround myself with smart people, to grow.

  15. Improve your networking abilities - Get yourself out there.

  16. Ask for a pay rise if you want one - If you do not ask, you will not get it.


  1. Stop procrastinating - Take action. Use the 5-second rule by Mel Robbins.

  2. Make shared decisions - Get others involved in decisions you are not sure of.

  3. Forgive - Learn to forgive people.

  4. Be there for people without compromising your own health - Be open to helping others.

  5. Value people that are close to you - Find ways to show people you are close to that you care such as calling, messaging, remembering birthdays etc.

  6. Take a break/go on holiday - God rested on the 7th day. Please take time off for everything.

  7. Establish a close circle - Take time to recognise the people in your life who care for you.

  8. Keep in touch with close relatives - Call/message or contact those closest

  9. Show your partner how much you appreciate them regularly - Cuddle, find out their love language, support them, listen, and serve them.


  1. Do homework early - No one has ever regretted getting things completed early. Many people have regretted leaving everything to the last minute.

  2. Study regularly - Little church regularly. Consistency over long periods yields grand results.

  3. Make friends with classmates - This can reduce your workload and allow you to make life a lot easier.

  4. Talk to your teachers - Find out your curriculum and ask about course specifications. Become comfortable with talking to people of higher authority.

  5. Take part in school activities - Pick something you love and this can be a great way of meeting people.

  6. Ask and answer questions in class - Don't worry about being wrong.

  7. Learn how to swim - This is a great skill to have.

  8. Learn a new language - It is now so easy and simple to learn new languages. This can be completed online, in person or by listening to audibles. Take your pick and start.

  9. Learn an instrument - You do not need to be a master you simply need to start.

  10. Write a book - Pen and paper, laptop, phone or tablet/Ipad, any of them with do. Simply write about anything you are interested in, even if it's about yourself.

  11. Give a speech - Discuss an idea with a crowd of people.

Check out our blog on how to set goals and how to achieve them, to learn how to apply the above.



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